Illustration by Kalah Allen

People do stupid shit all the time, that's a given. And everyone is prone to lapses in judgment or attention that result in awkward and sometimes dangerous situations. If you do something stupid in public and everyone saw you do it, just own it. Take the hit. You space out and almost run a cyclist into a parked car? Acknowledge what you did and maybe say sorry. You try to run a red light and get stuck in the intersection by cross traffic? Embrace your idiocy! Texting while riding your bike into a stationary object? Stand up and take a bow! You're an idiot, and you're not alone. I once watched someone attempting to walk and text at the same time walk briskly into a pole. It was funny. The fact that the guy got all pissed off at the pole and even gave it a dirty look while mumbling, "What the fuck?" made it even more hilarious.—Anonymous