My friend says I'm a stalker, but I disagree. Not only have I never before been accused of such, but I am also NOT a stalker. I was telling him a story of how I followed this waitress home from work to ask her out, and that's when he accused me. I told him I thought there was nothing wrong with what I did and, in fact, I had done it many times. I don't know what's wrong with it, especially if it works, which it has on more than one occasion. I told him that the thing is, if a girl is receptive she'll think it's sweet... sort of a Say Anything romantic gesture. If she isn't receptive, then yeah, she'll think it's weird. I've had both reactions when following women home. It's hit and miss for sure, but stalking? I don't think so. I've waited outside bars, places of work, restaurants, stores, etc., for women to exit, watched them get into their cars, and then followed them to their door, and I don't see how that is "stalking." I don't even know them, so how could it be? My friend tried to convince me that if nothing else it's creepy, but I still disagree. If you find something that works 25 percent of the time, why stop?—Anonymous