As I sat on the worn-out couch at my in-laws' manufactured home, I realized that this country is far from saving. My mother-in-law, a nice-enough lady, sat at their computer watching the results of the election. My in-laws are Republican, but we never discuss politics because they know my wife and I are not. My mother-in-law sat there, the soft glow of their late 1990s PC highlighting her dyed hair and bad perm, refreshing the results. The moment when certain seats and states were called, she raised her hands above her head, clapped, and exclaimed, "We got 'em!" I'm not sure what annoyed me more, the childlike excitement or the overhead clap. I've seen her do this before, with the Benghazi incident especially, raising her arms, clapping and yelling something about how, "This is it, we finally got Obama!" Of course, all this shit never goes anywhere. It's all bread and circus, and it works fucking great with people like my in-laws. My father-in-law owns all of Rush Limbaugh's books and has a Lars Larson "I Can Handle the Truth" bumper sticker on his truck. Oh, by the way, she's on Social Security and disability, and he's a Newberg city worker and part of their union. Go fucking figure, huh?—Anonymous