I'm a proud Radio Cab driver, and am livid that folks will so casually dismiss the livelihood of folks who have contributed to Portland for almost 70 years. Radio Cab is owned by individual drivers who bought shares so they could pay off debt and support their families. There is no CEO or president hoarding money, just drivers who are taking Helen home from Fred Meyer, getting you to the airport, and cleaning up Trashley's puke while earning an honest wage. If you have any interest in keeping your money within the local economy in Portland, Goddamn Oregon, Radio Cab is as local as it gets. If you're annoyed with the condo-bombing happening on every thoroughfare of this city, historic establishments closing due to elevated property "value," housing costs escalating beyond the means of an average Portland worker/business owner, and folks earning SF money basically driving up the cost of everything, you know what to do. You want to continue to displace the women and men who made this city worth living in, go ahead. Use Uber. And good luck getting a settlement when your driver T-bones another Uber minivan full of babies.—Anonymous