To the prick who caught me off guard by peeking through my car window at an intersection in NoPo: I'm not mad because you startled me. I'm not mad because you asked me for a ride. Reminiscent as it was of a Ted Bundy line, I believed your story about locking your keys in your car and not being able to call a cab. I even appreciated your offer of $10 to take you "right down the street." I'm mad because when I politely asked if I could call you a cab instead of naïvely allowing a large, strange man into my vehicle, your misogynistic, entitled self didn't even let me finish my sentence before rolling your eyes, scoffing, and storming off. I'm sorry? I forgot it was my duty to risk my safety for your problems. I forgot that just because a man is asking me for help, I'm supposed to erase all of my previous knowledge of statistics about women who have been attacked, robbed, raped, and murdered by guess who? RANDOM MEN ASKING FOR HELP. Guess what? Your $10 isn't worth me forfeiting my safety. Get the fuck over it.—Anonymous