Illustration by Kalah Allen

We are all aware that there are quite a few of us looking for work in the food service industry. Let's say you are a bar owner and you want to select an applicant to come in for an hour-long work interview. You let this person work for you for that hour, you keep the tips they bring in, and that's it. A free drink after the work interview would be nice, at least. But to add insult to injury, you can't even take a minute to call them back later to inform them as to whether or not they got the job. You would rather let them sit around, wondering if they might be able to eat or pay their rent this month, until ultimately they come to the conclusion that they did not get the position because some douche never bothered to call them back. When someone comes in and gives you an hour of their time to work for free in hopes of making it a permanent thing, please have the decency to call them back, even if it's bad news.—Anonymous