Illustration by Kalah Allen

Hey, guys and girls who do cute bike-bys and drive-bys and yell "Fuck that store" or "Fuck you, homophobes": Just wanna let you know, you're flinging these lovely sentiments at a gay woman. Yes, the owners are Mormons. No, I have never met them. Unfortunately, my coworkers (several of whom are queer, as well) and I are subjected to the blind ignorance of you idiots conflating our views with the owners'. Guess what? My job affords me the opportunity to take my girlfriend out to dinner and then go to Gaycation at Holocene. Do you really support gay rights? Awesome, me too. Then open your eyes and do something positive instead of endangering the livelihood of queer people. Stop being so closed-minded when you pretend to be progressive.—Anonymous