Illustration by Kalah Allen

I find the arts tax to be a joke, and I am an artist and a musician. I'm sure when people voted for this tax they either thought it would be helpful for the future of artists, or didn't know what they were voting for. I did not vote for it. Everyone I talk to wants to repeal it. (Or they say "arts tax?") $35 per person is a lot of money! $7.8 million dollars in year one, and more than a third of taxpayers didn't pay. Where is it going? What are the benefits? Is it just more money taken away for a blind cause? I made just over $16,000 last year. I'm broke. Please stop screwing us. Please stop taking money for which we have no proof of benefits. Please stop. With that said, here's my check, for the future, for the kids. For the arts.—Anonymous