Kalah Allen

Dear dude who left nasty notes under my windshield when my car ran out of gas: I apologize that I can't afford to get the gas gauge fixed. I thought I had enough to make it to the gas station, but I was off by a few blocks. I was gone all of 10 minutes to fill up my gas can. I left my hazards on and it seemed pretty obvious that my car was broken down and not just parked haphazardly. This was time enough for you to have a total fucking titty fit, call a tow truck, and leave notes under my windshield wipers. I was embarrassed enough. You didn't have to drive it home by telling me I'm "a shitty driver" and "P.S. Fuck you." One of the notes was on a receipt for $40 of dry cleaning. It must be nice to have extra money to throw around on getting your pants professionally cleaned. If my car had been towed, I would not have been able to afford to get it back. I would have lost the crappy job I have because it requires that I have a car. Please learn to have empathy.—Anonymous