Kalah Allen

So this morning on the train there was a homeless guy sitting next to a pretty gal who had her nose buried in a book. Suddenly the blonde gal got a stricken look on her face, got up, climbed over homeless dude, and whispered to me that the guy had taken out his penis and was rubbing himself. The homeless guy, still exposing himself, got up to sit with another young gal. He began to fondle himself again, so she immediately got up too. Meanwhile the first girl he victimized was crying and extremely upset.

That was it, I had enough. I went to the conductor, and loudly told him what this pervert was doing. Then I went back and screamed at the guy, "You will not sit on this train and victimize women. Zip it up, and GET OFF NOW!!!" He grumbled and moaned, but got off the train. I was enthusiastically thanked by both gals, and would've felt satisfied and happy—except there were at least six other men sitting in that section. And not one got up to offer assistance.—Anonymous