Illustration by Kalah Allen

I lost my phone, and in a panic I told my mom. We both started calling until after an hour, you finally picked up. You sounded unsure and sketchy. You told me to meet you at Sweetpea bakery in five minutes. I drove right over and waited out in the cold because it was closed. You turned off my phone and it took you 40 minutes to get there! You seemed in no hurry to meet me when you arrived with your boyfriend. The first thing out of your mouth was "Yeah... it looked like an expensive phone... so...." I informed you that it was only $20 and that what was important were my numbers and pictures. If you thought I was rich and were expecting a reward, sorry to disappoint you. When I walked away and turned on my phone, I realized you had changed all of my settings, checked my unread texts, deleted phone calls, and took pictures on it. You typed "GO VEGAN!" on my background!? Where do you get off invading my privacy and pushing your personal morals onto a complete stranger?! I thought you were nice not to steal my phone, but you raped it, and my privacy.—Anonymous