Illustration by Kalah Allen

The MAX train was crowded, people were packed pretty tight. And with all of us here together, riding the public transit system, you somehow come to the conclusion that CHANGING YOUR CHILD'S DIAPER ON A SEAT OF THE TRAIN is a socially accepted practice. Who told you that's okay to do? Are you wearing blinders or do you truly not see the masses of people forced to bear witness to your kid's monster dump? Why do you have children? I didn't have time to get into it with you, but I was the person to get up and say, "That's disgusting and rude," before exiting the MAX. And I'll say it again, you are disgusting and rude and I dearly hope your children do not end up as trashy and ignorant as you. When will parents realize that their "little miracle" is, to everyone else, just another germ-spreading, drool-covered, snot-oozing, incontinent nuisance? If I ever see you on the MAX again I'm going to take a shit on the seat next to you and see how you enjoy my "little miracle." You should be ticketed for that, you nasty, manner-less harbinger of disease.—Anonymous