After spending my afternoon cleaning the garbage left in an abandoned apartment, I loaded up my truck. With a huge box of garbage in the bed, I headed up Lombard when the last thing I needed to happen, happened: The trash flew out of my truck bed and spread over both lanes. Fuck. I backed up my truck and jumped out, and then something amazing happened: People from three cars got out and hurriedly helped pick up all the trash. This wasn't paper trash, it was food and shit. It was garbage. And these weren't 50-year-old hippie do-gooders, these were all young people. A twentysomething white guy in a baseball cap, two young girls, one with purple hair, and a twentysomething African American hipster. The whole mess was cleaned up in about 60 seconds with all their help. I thanked them all and they all essentially said "no problem" and got back into their cars, seemingly unaware of the HUGE favor they just did for a total stranger. As I drove away I actually got a little teary-eyed as I said out loud, "GOD I FUCKING LOVE PORTLAND." Thanks for renewing my faith in humanity (or at least Portland's humanity).—Anonymous