Illustration by Kalah Allen

After what was quite a frustrating two hours of iTunes organizing, two beers, and a long day, I finally finished what I was doing on my computer and got up to pay my bill at the bar. I was in a very public place with large open windows, and there were quite a few people enjoying beers, just like I had been doing. While I was away from my computer for less than five minutes, and said computer was in view, you (I am pretty sure it was the guy who had been sitting right behind me, and who was way too old for me anyway) decided that it would be cute to go onto MY PERSONAL computer, open up a new note pad document, and leave this note: "u r cute." Well that is not cute, THAT IS FUCKING CREEPY. Note on a napkin? Actually mentioning it aloud? Not that creepy. Molesting my computer when you DO NOT know me at all? That is way, way not okay and totally overstepping your bounds. So a little bit of friendly advice: If you think someone is cute, next time try not being a creepy stalker-esque guy, and respect people's personal space. You might get a lot further. Not with me, of course.—Anonymous