Kalah Allen

I was casually riding my bike into work over the Hawthorne Bridge and I coughed up a loogie--this happens sometimes. So I quickly spat it out, with authority, over my left shoulder. I absolutely should not have done this because another biker was attempting to silently pass on that side, and the loogie landed directly on the man's blue jacket sleeve. I was instantly appalled, and I said loudly: "ohmygod, dude, I'm SORRY."

He looked at me with disgust but he was also unsure whether the hocker actually hit him or if it floated on by, off to his left side, sparing us both the added level of embarrassment. He glanced down and didn't see it. But I watched it hit him. His defense was to peddle faster and faster, traversing the normally windy bridge at an uncommonly good clip--to escape from me, the crazy biking hocker man.

I should have spat off to the right, somewhere near the guardrail. I feel rather terrible about spitting off to the left, into the passing lane, but I hope he feels some degree of regret for not having warned me of his approach, which is the preferred bikers courtesy. A simple "ON YOUR LEFT" just a split second sooner would have saved him.--Anonymous