Kalah Allen

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Growing up, I went to all of my Mormon meetings, read my scriptures, prayed, and basically tried to be the best Mormon girl I could be. But after I began having sex, I started having flashbacks of sexual abuse at the hands of my father.

Horrified that he was still performing his priesthood duties, I told my bishop what my father had done, and asked that he take this to the Stake Presidency for a disciplinary hearing. My bishop responded not in horror, but disbelief. "I know your father," he said. "He could not do those things." I responded that it did not matter if he believed me or not; I brought a charge against my father and that it was his responsibility to take it to the Stake President.

After the excommunication ruling was announced they shook his hand. They hugged him. These men that had been my seminary teachers, Sunday school teachers, Bishops. Did they hug me? No, they chastised me for being angry. That day, not only did I feel betrayed by my father, I also felt betrayed by those 15 men, by the priesthood, by the Church..--Anonymous