Kalah Allen
Stay Away From My Daughter, Black Teeth!

You dickless dirtbag. When you cruised my daughter in your filthy rustbucket Impala and solicited her for sex, did you not notice her high school name in four-inch letters on the back of her sweatjacket? Or the "Smile Jesus Loves You" painted in neon orange on her backpack? I was walking half a block behind her when you rolled up, and if I hadn't just missed you, you would be spitting out your black, rotten teeth. Rest assured, I reported your perverted ass to the cops, complete with license plate number and a detailed description. Pray the cops find you and arrest you, because if I catch you, I'll feed what's left of you to my neighbor's poodle. You are the perfect example of why the death penalty is a good thing, but an even better argument for abortion.--Anonymous