To the 11,000 or so soulless, surely hell-bound "fans" who left before the end of game six at the Rose Garden: I don't care how old you are, how early you work, or where you're parked. These are the last two minutes of one of the hardest-fought seasons imaginable. Sit your ass in your seat and support your team. Better yet?! Stand up! Cheer! Do anything other than shuffle your ass back to your minivan to get a five-minute jump on the drive back to Hillsboro. If you can't be bothered to stay through a basketball game, sell your seat to someone who will. You lazy, fair-weather fuckface of a fan. It's bad enough you do this during the regular season, but to cop out for the last two minutes of game six? You are not a real fan, plain and simple. The Trail Blazers played admirably, and you paid for the privilege of being there to see it. SO. SIT. YOUR. ASS. IN. YOUR. SEAT.—Anonymous