Illustration by Kalah Allen

My dog is mean to other dogs. Problem is, as a puppy she was attacked by other dogs—not once, but twice. So despite my best efforts to socialize her with other dogs from a very early age, she really hates them. But she's still a good dog, and deserves to go for hikes in the woods and whatnot, as all dogs love to do. So when you see me standing off to the side of the trail, holding my dog's mouth closed with my hand, and telling her to "be nice," that's a good indication to you that she really isn't all that nice. Oh, I know, your dog is friendly. You always tell me that in your cheerful voice, "He's friendly!!" That's great for you, it really is. But that doesn't change the fact that my dog isn't. She just hates other dogs. Your dog's friendliness is not going to instantly change my dog's lack thereof. So, please, get a clue and either put your dog on a leash or otherwise prevent it from getting right up in my dog's face, just begging to get bit.—Anonymous