Jesus Christ, Leverage! How many fucking parking spots does your crew need to take out of downtown lots to film your piece of shit sorry excuse for a third-rate cable network void of a fucking show? I rarely drive to work, but when I do I expect at least one spot to be open in a two-mile radius of Old Town. What the fuck is your problem? Does each person on staff drive five cars to work? If you're going to take our lots, pay for our street parking and the tickets we're bound to get when we forget to feed the meter every 90 minutes. Or maybe you could do what the rest of us do and take the first spot available. And fuck you to the lot owners that exiled local business employees to street parking. Closing off a good 20 spots to make room for a catering area for these fuck necks? Are you fucking serious? I've only met one person who actually watches Leverage and he's a fucking idiot.—Anonymous