Kalah Allen

(3:30 pm on 2/10/02) I am so sorry I couldn't stop to pick you up. I can only imagine how frightened you were, already injured and trapped on the median of the freeway by the slew of 85 mph oncoming cars--of which I was one. I can only hope that you were ejected from one of the cars in the accident a mile from where I saw you, where everyone else had survived unscathed. I called the police to let them know you were there, but they seemed more interested in knowing if you were already "blocking a lane." If it is of any consequence, I couldn't sleep last night not knowing what had happened to you. I hope you survived, and that I can forgive myself for not stopping. I also hope that someone stopped to pick you up without causing another accident. I can't help thinking that, if you had been human, there would have been no end of people trying to help you. I hope one day we--as the dominant species--will begin to value life in all its forms, regardless of its "mortal coil," and begin giving it the same value we give ourselves.--Anonymous