Bwana Spoons
Pissed-Off Paraplegic

Women need to learn manners in public bathrooms. I am a T-12 paraplegic and do not have the use of my legs, so I get around using a wheelchair. I have found using public bathrooms to always be an adventure. Some are accessible and some are not. Some are clean and some are not. The one element I find myself at odds with the most is other women. Either I am fighting over the handicap stall with a mom and her three kids, or with the always-present individual who feels the need to pass up the other 10 stalls and make a break for the one handicap stall, where she takes a shit for about an hour. When I finally do get to a handicap stall, some bitch has either pissed all over the seat or shit on it. Let's not forget, I am unable to use my legs so I no longer have the privilege of squatting. If the toilet is soiled I must go elsewhere or get on the bathroom floor and scoot into one of the inaccessible stalls--gorgeous. If you are inclined to use the handicap stall, please wipe the seat, shit somewhere else, and stop having so many babies.