Hey Bar Owners! I need a fucking drink. Have you forgotten how long I've been slaving at your fucking dive? To have you cancel the holiday party is insulting. I've been silent for the last few years, but no more. You assholes need to show appreciation for the people who bust ass at your run-down shitty bars for little pay, no chance of savings, affording medical coverage, or even getting a raise. A place where I'm verbally assaulted by wingnuts, and physically attacked by crackheads and felons, intimidated by the OLCC, working off hours and covering shifts so you can get your fucking till filled. Regardless of freezing nipples every winter and sweating balls during the summer, I like my job. I just want my fucking drink. Yeah, I get it. Business has been slow. The economy is fucking all of us. Remember that it hits minimum wage workers hardest—that's me, douchebag. We make your bars run. We deserve to get fed and drunk on your tab, if just once a year. Cough it up and make these broke-ass holidays a little more cheerful.—Anonymous