To the jerks who ruined my lunch break: I was sitting outside of my work (appropriately perched more than 10 feet from any door connected to an operating business), desperately smoking another cigarette before my only break ended. It was really cold. I'm sure I looked slightly unhappy and maybe a little odd on the steps to a doorway that didn't lead anywhere. I was just looking around, just smoking and minding my own business when you two bros started walking toward me talking, and then just as you started to pass me you say, "Sorry, I don't have any change." Ummmm.... EXCUSE ME?!! Do I look homeless to you?!! I didn't even say anything to you!! SERIOUSLY?! You are a jerk and either you are so self-involved you didn't even look at the person sitting on the steps (out of the way of foot traffic and harsh winter winds for a reason!), or you are just an ass and thought you were being super hilarious. I'm not even going to mention the compassionless mindset you have to mock a group of people who have no choice but to berate their own dignity and ask for help from indignant assholes like you.—Anonymous