I'm from California, and I drive like an asshole. This is not a virtue. I've learned to take on the local practice of patience and have (mostly) adjusted. But now, in a characteristically self-aware fashion, Portland's patient drivers are being criticized more and more for being too slow and too considerate. But we have pedestrian traffic! And bike lanes! California transplants have years of real-life training in aggressive driving; this is the wrong environment to learn the art of rolling through a stop sign or a making a right turn on a red light. It's as if people think Portland cannot become a "real" city if we're not out there driving like maniacs. Please, stop asking for crappy driving. This city will grow, and we'll earn all the lame side effects. But as I walk around downtown, I'm learning that it might be too late. Congratulations, Portland: Your drivers are becoming assholes, just like in real cities.—Anonymous