Kalah Allen
Bitching Out Bikes

To all the bike Nazis in the bike Nazi capital of the world: You've got to get off your high horses. You're alienating people and doing more harm than good. For many of us, biking is simply not an option. If you saw me standing on a sidewalk, you'd think I'm a perfectly healthy young man. I'm about as healthy as I can be living with multiple sclerosis. You'd never know anything was wrong--until you saw my very unsteady walking. It is only with great difficulty that I can walk more than about three blocks. My balance is totally shot; biking in traffic would necessitate a death wish on my part. I'm sick and tired of the sometimes covert/sometimes overt snotty attitude that if you drive a car, you're just another capitalist oppressor. Learn about the world, about humanity. Realize that to be a decent person, you cannot pass negative judgment on strangers while knowing nothing of their abilities, inabilities, medical conditions, experiences, and/or specialties. Until then, do the world a great service and get over yourselves. --Anonymous