Dear hipsters, elitist douchebags, and whiners: Please shut the fuck up about Portlandia. I am so sick of hearing about how "Oh mehhhhhh, Carrie Brownstein isn't even from Portland, mehhhhhh..." The multitalented and gorgeous Brownstein has probably lived here longer than you anyway, and she's from Olympia. It's not like she's from LA. You're just jealous that you haven't done anything worthy of any kind of recognition outside of your small group of asshole friends. Portlandia is meant to be funny. My ears are starting to fucking bleed from hearing people whine and bitch about how they are "perpetuating stereotypes." Would a show about the small amount of fashionable, non-alternative people here even be funny? Um, no. It would be Friends set in the Pearl, which would be the stupidest thing ever. If you're taking it seriously, you're seriously not getting it. If you can't laugh at yourself, then get the fuck out of Portland and take that stick up your ass with you.—Anonymous