kalah allen

Just what the fuck is wrong with monogamy? Why is it that in some Portland crowds "monogamy" is a dirty word? Everywhere I go I hear people say, "Oh yeah, I'm polyamorous, monogamy is just, like, totally dragging me down." No, my friend. You're not "polyamorous." If people don't want to commit, and they like casual sex with different people, they should just fucking call it exactly what it is: non-committal casual sex. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just don't insult me by building a "philosophy" around it and calling it some bullshit new-age term like polyamory. Multiple partners? Fine by me, but don't justify it by saying you "live the polyamorous lifestyle." Relationship with one person, but casual sex with others? Great, I've seen it work for some people and it's called an "open relationship." Orgies? Fucking disgusting, but some people are into that, and it's okay too. But saying that you're trying to have EQUALLY COMMITTED relationships with multiple people? There is no such thing. Seriously, if someone can show me evidence of three or more people sustaining that kind of close relationship for an extended period of time, I'll eat the shirt off my back.—Anonymous