Kalah Allen

To the gay man who made out with me, your close female friend. What the fuck were you thinking? As if the female/male relationship isn't complicated enough. Did you ever think that all of the close moments we shared were because you are gay and there was zero chance of sex between us? Did you ever think about how I would feel when you kissed me, and then hesitated because of your sexuality? Do you think I give a shit about your sexual identity when you're feeling me up? You kissed me, felt my tits, and got me hot, only to stop and wonder what it would do to your fucking image in the gay community. How cruel can you be? The next time you get confused and horny, and we're lying in bed together, just fuck me. Then in the morning you can go back to being gay and never talk to me again. At least then I'll be momentarily satisfied. Because when it's 4 am and your hand is down my pants and your lips are on mine, I could give two shits about community.—Anonymous