Kalah Allen

I am one of the few black people that live in Southeast, and I've been looking for jobs in my neighborhood. For some reason, people don't hire black people over here. If they do, they don't last very long. These hip shops seem too cool and too white to actually represent other races that inhabit this town. It's bullshit to say that black people just don't apply at these places, because I know I do, and godammit I am way qualified to work at most of these places! But still these businesses are constantly hiring slacker, too-cool-to-acknowledge-you, white hipsters instead of adding a little bit of color to the mix. I know white folks need a job too, but come on—let's mix things up! Aren't people sick of how white bread this town is? I can't even get the time of day on Alberta or Mississippi, and there's a ton of black people over there! I'm not going to say we should promote affirmative action, I just want people here to promote equality and diversity for a change.—Anonymous