To all public restrooms: Where do you hide the toilet brush? I can tell most of you get cleaned regularly, but the utensil used is never present. Public restrooms should come equipped with a brush near the toilet allowing the user to clean up any unsightly track marks left in the bowl. This seems like a win-win. I, the user, don’t have to exit the restroom at a busy establishment and leave my shit streaks along the sides of the white ceramic basin, and you the toilet cleaner won’t have to scrub so hard once you finally bring the mythical brush to the restroom. If it’s theft you’re worried about, I assume your toilet paper is at a higher risk than the implement that scrubs the crapper—maybe I’m wrong. But I suspect it’s more for appearances. What’s the stigma in revealing how the toilet gets cleaned? That’s awfully proper and Victorian; perhaps you could try hiding it behind a plant or vase or something decorative? I’m sorry that sometimes I drop a rough load and leave a messier mess than normal, but I’d at least like the opportunity to try and be courteous and clean up after myself.—Anonymous