Illustration by Kalah Allen

You had the audacity to sell meth for the last year across from my lovely house, thinking nobody was the wiser. I allowed you to hang yourself. I let it be known I had cameras set up in my house, right across from your shitty apartment. But, noooooooooooo... You had to keep right on selling at all hours. Do you realize I have had three of your friends arrested, simply by running their plates to the fuzz? Do you realize that the reason you are being evicted is because I hammered on your slumlord until he caved in? You think I am like you because I have long hair. You think because I am a musician that I will just be cool with drugs in my neighborhood? Hell, NO! Now you're going to have to shack up with that loser in the scrap metal truck who mules your cheap-assed narcotics for you. Get thee to a trailer park. You muck up my beautiful street.—Anonymous