A few nights ago I was outside Ducketts on Killingsworth. A dude was out there with me smoking. We watched as you went into "stealth mode," set your skateboard down, then proceeded to tag the wall of the convenience store across the street. When you finished your shitty "art," you strolled away right as you noticed that we were both taking pictures of you on our smartphones. You got all paranoid, and tried in vain to cover your face with your hat as you sped up your "stealth walk." I got some pretty good shots of your stupid face and the dude got a pretty good video of you in the act. Those things are smart! I sent mine to the cops, and to the mom 'n' pop store you tagged. The dude put his video up on YouTube. Why don't you grow a pair and grow up? Get down to some real work, do some real art, put your real name on it, and show it to some real people with real opinions. P.S. I picked up your skateboard while you were "stealthily" circling around to pick it up. Thanks for the new deck, dipshit!—Anonymous