Hey asshole who "manages" that bar I went to last Friday night: You told me to leave because of a mistake you made on my tab two months ago. You mischarged me. I did not steal. You dropped the ball. The sad as hell part of this is that I felt sorry for you during my first visit to your establishment. You stammered and confused our orders. Even your fellow employees apologized for the shitty service you provided. You needed help counting back my change. I assumed it was your first day, so I was nice. Then I find out that you are the manager, and also a fucking idiot. My friends and I will not be returning to your sad attempt at a business. You have lost out. We love to drink. I assume that you will continue to lose business because of your poor treatment of customers. You are now on my enemy list, right above people who say "funderful." There would have been no problem had you wanted to talk through the situation, but you told me to leave without any thought, feeling, or common sense. Have a nice fucking day and learn to count.—Anonymous