Dear Miss Oblivious behind me in tonight's yoga class: I should be sipping a lemongrass-infused vodka while bragging to my husband how I'm getting a little deeper in my poses each week. Instead I'm writing this "I, Anonymous" about your ridiculous cell phone usage. With your first text, yeah I noticed, but who am I to judge? Then I caught it a second time. And again, and it continued excessively over the hour. You butchered Warrior II so bad as you scrambled to keep up between texts, and in Downward-Facing Dog you were completely unaware that your knees were bent waaaaay too much as you poked at your phone on the mat in front of you. What really got me was when you reached your phone high up to the sky mid-text in Tree Pose. And remember when you couldn't figure out the best way to text while in Pigeon Pose 'cause you needed both hands to keep from toppling over? That's when my mood shifted from annoyed to amused. And when you tapped your toe on your phone to check for updates during Sun Salutations, you probably heard me LOL. Maybe after class next week we can exchange numbers, and I'll text ya some enlightening etiquette tips.—Anonymous