Illustration by Kalah Allen

I went to one of those cutesy little fat acceptance events. I wore a bikini, and as a size 14, I look pretty all right. Not everyone's cup of sexual body tea, but I do all right for myself. But not according to the ladies there. I have never gotten so many dirty looks, been shunned so much, and received so many thinly veiled insults about how NOT FAT I AM. I shop in the plus size for my big round fat ass, and the social hierarchy in that crowd blew my fucking mind. I wasn't fat enough to go to your fat party. How odd that the most popular girls were the ones who were pushing over 350. If this is your version of body acceptance, I'm going to hop on a treadmill, because I've never felt so scrutinized in my life. And yeah, bitch, I heard your passive-aggressive mumble of "What's she doing here? She's barely plus sized." The bigger, the more popular. Just like high school, but reversed. Fuck you, and P.S., you look like a sack of potatoes in satin.—Anonymous