To the bitch at Goodwill on Friday: You know people shop there because they don't have any money, or they're looking for a way to save. When you were in there watching the new racks like a vulture and grabbing anything nice almost out of the hands of people shopping, there was also a mother with a Down syndrome kid and a couple other people who were obviously poor. But you have to make your buck reselling that shit for three times what you paid for it at your shitty little store. Not only are you ripping off your customers, you're a despicable piece of shit. I wasn't kidding when I called you disgusting. And guess what? When I left the store, people were smiling at me and wished me a good afternoon. They weren't smiling at you. I hope I never see you in that Goodwill again. I will call your stupid bitch ass out over and over and humiliate you just like I did this time. I loved seeing your face go bright red.—Anonymous