Illustration by Kalah Allen

My wife doesn't know that I watch you, and my kids don't know. Nobody knows. I watch you from my window at night, and I've been doing so for almost a year now. There's only one window between our two apartment buildings, and I discovered it the very first week we moved in. You are so lovely, and I can't take my eyes/mind off of you. I see you watch TV with your boyfriend, I see you two eat dinner, walk around, hug and kiss. It's lovely. One time, I swear you saw me, and my heart skipped a beat. I wanted you to see me. I wanted this charade to be over, for I think I'm in love with you. I know it's stupid to say, I know this. I masturbate to you sometimes, and I admit that I'm ashamed of it. I can't help it though. For the love of god, I can't stop watching you. I'm becoming obsessed, I guess, but it just feels right. I don't know anything anymore... all I do know is that you are just so lovely. How can it be a crime to love a woman you've never met? Am I a sicko?—Anonymous