Are you anywhere in the height bracket of 5'2" to 5'8"? Are you 175 pounds or less? You are? Well, great! Time to shut the fuck up about "how hard and annoying" it is to find jeans that fit. Forever 21, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, Red Light, really just "the mall" in general is your oyster. Is that shit too long? Hem it. Me? At 5'11" and 190, I can't make jeans magically grow longer and I cannot make that waist any less tight around my stomach (I would prefer not to flaunt a muffin top, thank you very much). I know what you are thinking: "Lose some weight, fatty." Guess what? I tried to go to Lane Bryant and got more dirty looks than a pedophile at a circus. Now I am not fat enough for Lane Bryant? I guess now you are going to insult me for wearing leggings as jeans like I am some sort of slob. I shower, I make a big effort to look nice and fashionable, but until I come across the store that carries shit for the rest of us ladies in between fat and skinny land, don't hate my leggings, and if you want to talk shit do it with a pair of pants that fit me in your hands.—Anonymous