I'm at my wits' end with the amount of pretension running around the "community" of ladies who are taking their clothes off in highly stylized "acts." Burlesque is stripping, and stripping is burlesque—the queens of the olden days would have done what modern-days strippers are doing if they had been given the chance! It isn't about class, and it isn't about being something different—it's still just stripping. Walk into a strip club in this town and you're going to find a woman who has put a lot of effort into her name, her act, her costume, and how she takes it off—but that isn't burlesque. Let's get off the high horse, shall we?

After the make-up has been washed off, and your clothes are on the floor, you're naked like every other stripper in this town. So let's stop with the mentality that you're in some way better.—Anonymous