Kalah Allen
It's not NoPo. It's not LoBu. Not SoBu. Not SoLo. These neighborhoods have names already, and we don't need to rename them for fuck's sake. You people that want to rename everything sound like a bunch of goddamned valley girls. What's the matter? Does it take too much time out of your important schedule to say the full words? Are you so busy converting apartments into condominiums that you can't be bothered to speak English like a normal person? Makes me want to bite someone's ugly face right off their head. I live in Goose Hollow. I swear to Christ, if someone starts calling it GoHo, I will send out my spirit into the night to seek vengeance upon you all. None who celebrate the destruction of our beloved city's historic names will be safe from my wrath. Consider yourselves warned, you bitches. FuYu.—Anonymous