We aren't "girlfriends," we are coworkers. While I appreciate both the work you do and your generally pleasant nature, I'm a little confused as to how I warranted discussion of your period in the short two months we have been working together. A simple allusion to your time of the month wouldn't be exactly rant-worthy, but saying things like, "I am leaking EVERYWHERE today!" or "Once this day passes, all it'll be is the brown spotting, and then it's done" is, especially when these shared tidbits of yours come out arbitrarily. Someone saying, "Good morning!" is not an invitation for you to tell everyone within earshot, "Well, not when you've had to change your pad three times in an hour!" just like someone asking how you're doing isn't work code for wanting to know more about your flows. Just because we have a uterus and a vagina doesn't mean we're all about the period talk; we all have anuses, but did you ever hear me talk about the diarrhea I had exploding from mine a few weeks back? No, you didn't, because that would have been grossly inappropriate and unsolicited information.—Anonymous