Illustration by Kalah Allen

I could sit on any corner and pass out failure to heed traffic signal tickets all day long. This is why I gave you a ticket: Stop signs are placed six feet away from the actual intersection for a reason. They allow you a first stopping place that is neither in the crosswalk nor the bike lane. The idea is that after you have stopped, behind the stop sign, you can then inch to the actual intersection to see if you can turn or cross. When you fail to do this you put pedestrians both on foot and bicycle in danger. Stop at the stop sign. I will also say, the next time I see you cross into a bike path under the pretext of "stopping at the intersection," almost hit a cyclist, then have the nerve to berate the bicyclist and be anything other than embarrassed, I will ticket the hell out of you. The reason these laws are in place is because at some point harm was done, people were killed. You may feel prideful or entitled, but believe me when I tell you all of that pride disappears when you've injured or killed someone with your car. Work with me. I hate giving out tickets.—Anonymous