To the asshole smoking at a packed dance night at the Holocene: How did you manage to overlook the tell-tale signs of a non-smoking bar; mainly the massive amount of smokers huddled outside in the rain or stuffed in a tiny room, and the fact that no one else around you was smoking? Here's a hint: If you are in a hipster bar, and no one is smoking, take a moment to think about why that might be. Either hell just froze over or the space is non-smoking. Some of us asthmatic, allergic types (not to mention those who prefer to remain lung-cancer free, and not smell like ashtrays) make decisions to go out based on if the bar is non-smoking. So, when someone nicely informed you of the non-smoking policy, they were trying to help you look like less of an asshole, politely telling you what the rest of us were thinking. Your response? To get all up in their face. So, not only are you an oblivious moron, you also clearly have some anger management issues. Quite the winning personality you've got. It'll go nicely with your impending lung cancer.—Anonymous