THE PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN have me in a tizzy. I just moved into a new neighborhood and had to introduce myself to the neighbors. I swear to god, the glazed-over look I get when explaining my sexual orientation is too much! IT'S NOT THAT HARD: I'm an alpha cuckoldress (primarily dom but also switch) who's attracted to endowed alpha/dominant cucks, and includes a variety of bulls (sub/dom/switch). My love of dominant males makes it a bit of a niche subgenre of cuckoldry that doesn't have a name yet—not exclusively BBC like most seem to be, not into humiliation, but rather the intense intimacy and the emotions, respect, and devotion that develop between partners. I am ultimately looking for a dom/primary male to fertilize me so that we can together raise at least two tribal children.

Whenever I explain this to the neighbors... poof... they just check out. I guess I shouldn't have bought a house in a neighborhood filled with a bunch of older homeowners. GET WITH THE TIMES!—Anonymous