Born bluer than Lea, Di, or that so-called "Princess of power," SheRa.

I am the capital B of the hive and have many drones swarming at my side.

I am not only imperious and flamboyant, But also the most furtile [sic] female of the lot!

(And that's not all I've got).

Pawns, Rooks, Knights galore!

Shit, I beat Catherine the horsy [sic] whore!

Czarina that's what I should be,

With taste classier than monarchy.

I wear tiaras to bed--

A female drag queen wanna-be,

Am allergic to sweat,

So why not choose me?

I delegate power with a charming, wry wit.

I am spunky and funky,

What more could you get?

(Oh and did I mention this devilish diva is a

former disgruntled deviant of the Royal

Court of Roseria?)

It's time to take the Crown!