Some TV shows need to die sudden, violent deaths. Others are taken away far too soon, and deserve a second chance—a resurrection, if you will. Now, through the wonder of DVD, everything canceled is new again.

• Wonderfalls: The Complete Series (2004)—This deliciously dark and funny series, which Fox canceled after only four episodes, follows Jaye Taylor (Caroline Dhavernas), a twenty-something who works at a tourist shop and lives in a trailer in her hometown of Niagara Falls, New York. Things get weird when Jaye suddenly discovers an inexplicable ability to communicate with a higher power—via the toys and souvenirs around her.

• Tabitha: The Entire Series (1977)—This short-lived TV series is a kitsch collector's dream. Tabitha Stephens (Lisa Hartman), daughter of Bewitched's Samantha and Darren, is now a "liberated" twenty-something witch living in LA and navigating her way up the corporate ladder. Standing in her way are playboy Paul Thurston (a very young Robert Urich) and her mortal brother, Adam (David Ankrum). The show misfires often (especially in its attempt to basically recreate and disco-ize Bewitched), but as pure unadulterated cheese, this one is pure Gouda. The DVD set includes the never-aired original pilot—which has a completely different premise, cast, location, and tone, and is even more entertaining than the actual series.

• Greg the Bunny: The Complete Series (2002)—Seth Green, Eugene Levy, Sarah Silverman, and a cast of puppets deconstruct Hollywood and the television industry in this brutally funny satire. Greg features a cast (including a neurotic vampire named Count Blah, and a monster named Susan) that works for a fictional kids' show, "Sweetknuckle Junction," and who're more real than their terry cloth exteriors might suggest. The DVD includes all 13 episodes, cast (and puppet) commentaries, and a hilarious reel of puppet auditions. Meet the Feebles, eat your heart out.