PORTLAND PATROL, INC. boss John Hren backed out after accepting an invitation to appear before the police bureau's Citizen Review Committee (CRC) on Tuesday, March 17. Hren, whose private security officers are armed, dress like cops, and have the power to enforce city ordinances in parks and parking garages ["Trust Me, I'm a Rent-a-Cop," Feature, May 3, 2007], is rumored to have had specific concerns about the extent of public scrutiny at the meeting. Central Precinct Commander Mike Reese will now attend instead, and be asked questions about the partnership between the police bureau and Hren's officers. "I was very disappointed that Mr. Hren didn't want to make an appearance," says Michael Bigham, chair of the CRC. "Because the CRC really wanted to hear from him." Hren and Reese did not return calls for comment, while Independent Police Review Director Mary-Beth Baptista, who is also reported to have sought Hren's attendance, was unavailable for comment. MATT DAVIS


THE UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND is planning to demolish punk landmark Pirate Town (AKA SuperFun) in North Portland. Over the past decade, skaters, cyclists, and graffiti artists turned the cement walls of the long-abandoned factory located on the desolate Superfund banks of the Willamette River into a no-rules skate park and site for a diverse array of debauched events. These included the Chariot Wars—a bike battle contest. The school decided to bulldoze as soon as possible for liability reasons after buying the 36-acre stretch of land surrounding the crumbling buildings last December. SARAH MIRK