PORTLAND HAS QUIETED down since seven shootings rocked the city in seven days in July, but three shootings still occurred last week—one gang related, one mysterious, and one carried out by the police. A 21-year-old man was shot at the K&C Food Market on N Killingsworth on Thursday, August 20, prompting a gang outreach push in the area to prevent the incident from escalating into further violence.

In an unrelated incident, a Southeast Portland man, Joseph Lawrence Erzen, was shot dead when bullets penetrated the wall of his bedroom while he slept early Saturday, August 22. Police say they are unsure whom the actual target may have been and are continuing to investigate. In another unrelated incident, a police officer shot a robbery suspect on Monday, August 24, after he fled a Northeast bar and hid in a shed near SE 172nd and Pine. The Multnomah County SWAT Team and Portland Police SERT Team were called to the scene because the suspect was armed. The unnamed suspect is now in stable condition recovering in a local hospital, according to the police. RACHAEL MARCUS


The state is finally considering tossing out archaic laws that ban advertisements of happy hour drink prices. Since 1985, the 16,000 bars and restaurants licensed to serve alcohol in Oregon can advertise cheap food but not cheap booze during certain hours of the day. The rules have persisted, unchanged, for 24 years despite a lack of research showing that restrictions on such ads actually cut down on dangerous drinking behaviors. In a meeting last week, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission agreed to review the policy and will consider rewriting it. SARAH MIRK