ON TUESDAY, February 2, Ammon Bundy's attorneys withdrew their appeal to a judge's order to keep him locked up as a flight risk and a danger to the community.

Bundy, the former leader of the ongoing standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, had been scheduled to appear at 10 am in US District Court to again request pre-trial release. He was one of nine people held in Multnomah County on Tuesday, stemming from the Harney County occupation.

In total, 11 defendants face felony charges for their involvement.

US Magistrate Court Judge Stacie F. Beckerman on Friday signed a conditional release order for occupier Shawna Cox. On Tuesday, US District Court Judge Michael Mosman approved a conditional release order for Joseph O'Shaughnessy. His attorney argued O'Shaughnessy had never spent a night on the refuge and was opposed to the occupation. Mosman delayed ruling on independent journalist Pete Santilli's release request. SHELBY R. KING

THE CITY OF PORTLAND now says it will permit a North Portland homeless camp that sprung up by surprise on city land last month, despite earlier hints it would move campers along.

The campers, calling themselves Forgotten Realms, moved their belongings to a plot at North Kerby and Graham on January 10, after being moved from near the existing Hazelnut Grove camp. Only then did they alert Mayor Charlie Hales' office they'd be staying.

"Folks occupying land does not mean the city will sanction a camp," Hales' office said at the time. That sentiment has changed.

After the Eliot Neighborhood Association agreed to work with the campers, Hales' office decided to work up a short-term land-use agreement. Along with Hazelnut Grove, Forgotten Realms is the second organized encampment on the verge of formal city approval. DIRK VANDERHART